This is a tool to help SRM students find their GPA instantly without any errors
How to use:

Step 1. Enter the Grade obtained and the no. of credits for each subject.

Step 2. Hit the 'Calculate GPA' button. That's it.

1. Enter the grades in capital (A+,B,C-,etc). Do not enter them as small font (a+,b,c-,etc).

2. If you have less than 12 subjects, just leave the last few rows blank.
Grade Credits
Subject 1
Subject 2
Subject 3
Subject 4
Subject 5
Subject 6
Subject 7
Subject 8
Subject 9
Subject 10
Subject 11
Subject 12

Done calculating your GPA? Now just chill and laugh out loud on SRM's troll page!

Copyrighted to Harsha. Works best on Google Chrome